The Gingerbread House


I by chance stumbled upon this place after I picked up a pamphlet about the Gingerbread House sitting at the front counter of Josophan’s beautiful boutique chocolate shop in Leura Mall (Chocolat anyone?). A great fusion of indulgent café treats mixed with edible products and gifts you can take home for later.

Opening in October 2013, the Gingerbread House in Katoomba was established by the creators of Josophan’s Fine Chocolates and is heralded as creating “a new concept in sweetness”. It operates within a 100 year old church with a children’s play area in the courtyard outside – a great opportunity to have a relaxing morning or afternoon whilst the kids are occupied.

IMG_9781  IMG_9780

We decided it was a must-do whilst continuing on our Blue Mountains holiday. We drove into the main town centre of Katoomba and parked. It’s conveniently located and only a short walk away from the main street. We unfortunately couldn’t upload their website before we arrived (I think it might’ve been a hosting issue on their part?) but their Facebook page is up and running perfectly. Facebook also says there is an on-site parking lot, but we didn’t look into this because we were on foot (I will have to take their word!)

IMG_9802  IMG_9793

IMG_9796  IMG_9797

IMG_9799  IMG_9800

After we first walked in we had a quick peek around the ‘gingerbread house’ before ordering anything off the menu. The gingerbread house itself is set up inside the café area and is a gift shop of delectable edible and homewaresy treasures. It’s a bit breathtaking when you walk in – think Willy Wonka cutesy kitsch – with rabbit statues, cookie cutters, cupcake patties, striped drinking straws, teacups, lollies for every tastebud, gingerbread men, and of course Josophan’s fine chocolates. The fact that it operates out of a seriously old church adds a vintage boutique touch to the whole experience.


Being a gingerbread house after all, I expected nothing less than uber-cuteness from the menu. Cookies, cakes, ice-cream, ginger beer floats, scones, cheesecake, muffins, spiders (sugar rush!). It’s certainly not shy in describing itself as a “sugar feast”. The menu does also provide a few savoury options such as hearty soup and local bread, maybe as a way to detox.


Big Bear ordered their chocolate brownie ($5.00) with a full cream latte and I selected their date and chocolate scones with a hint of ginger and cinnamon served with whipped cream and berry jam ($7.50).


Chocolate brownie ($5.00)

Big Bear’s full cream latte was not too hot and not burnt (win!). The brownie had a boutique, quality dark Belgian chocolate taste. The consistency was lovely and gooey, melt-in-the-mouth kinda stuff, but maintained it shape on the plate well as you devoured into it. Because it was fairly chocolatey however, a side of cream or ice cream would be recommended. Having said that, it could put an ultimate Zumbo brownie to shame.

IMG_9785  IMG_9790


Date and chocolate scones with a hint of ginger and cinnamon served with whipped cream and berry jam ($7.50)

Both of my scones were rich with dates, spicy ginger and cinnamon sugar. A touch dense…I was expecting a bit more lightness. The chocolate seemed to be hiding unfortunately. Loved the innovation however. The jam (I’m guessing strawberry from the colour and seeds) was tart, plentiful and accompanied the scones nicely alongside the simple and just-the-right-amount whipped cream.

I am expecting terrific things from the Gingerbread House in Katoomba – it’s just what the town needs. The Hansel and Gretel-labelled toilets are mighty adorable too.

Almost edible gingerbread house. Chocolate hit. Sugar coma.

The Gingerbread House Katoomba

56 Lurline St (Cnr Lurline & Waratah Streets), Katoomba, NSW, 2780

(02) 4784 2031

Mon-Sun: 9.00am-5.00pm



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