I first heard about Zokoko at Emu Heights on an episode of Sydney Weekender many years ago – might I say that show is a bounty of good information! I visited once not long after during my Honours year (2012), I believe, and haven’t been back since!! Shameful, I know. Although being a busy working girl, the window of opportunity I have to visit is a short 4 hours on a Saturday morning, so I really gotta muster up the energy and strength to drive out there and be ready for a chocolate hit that early. With a renovation in between the years, the place, thankfully, hadn’t changed much!

“Zokoko is the result of Michelle Morgan’s dream to make and share amazing chocolate reflective of its origin.”


Big Bear and I arrived around 10.30 that morning. You first walk into the store and are hit with a counter of chocolaty deliciousness – chocolate crackles, croissants, carrot cake, brownies, more delicious looking chocolate cake, and, of course, rows and rows of gorgeous little individual chocolates in some wonderful flavours – coffee, whiskey, coconut white chocolate, honey…You can also read all about Zokoko’s exclusive chocolate sourcing and process for more of a background.

IMG_9760  IMG_9717

The shop itself is located in one of those industrial community complex of shops, so parking is readily available, just make sure you don’t park in the spots which are allocated for other businesses. After we unglued our eyes from the counter of chocolaty goodness we chose a two-seater table inside. Warning: this place is popular and busy. It might be tricky getting a table for more than 4 people, but if you can shuffle around some chairs and be accommodating then all should be good. The main seating area is within the store itself, with a scattering of seats outside. It was particularly windy so inside it was for us! The major crowd, however, is at the front of the store, with many, many people wanting some take away coffee and goodies.


One of the more stand out features of the renovation was the uber cute wallpaper. A storybook of boys and girls with cake, cupcake and cappuccino heads! Kind of reminded me of Willy Wonka’s tasty edible wallpaper, if only each of those elements had flavour.

IMG_9727  IMG_9726

IMG_9722  IMG_9720

IMG_9725  IMG_9724

I went back up to the counter and spent a decent couple of minutes deciding on what to get. At last I settled on a mixed berry muffin, lemon polenta cake, and 3 chocolates to share, along with a soy and full cream latte. I kinda hoped, however, that there would be some sort of menu available on the table to peruse through instead of having to choose directly from the counter. Maybe an electronic menu could’ve helped considering I assume there would be a fairly high rotation of sweets and treats, so it can be updated more regularly.


There was a teeny bit of a wait, but credit given, it was very busy and the service was still lovely. The mixed berry muffin (warmed up) was fresh, soft and not too crumbly and not too sugary with a nice crunchy top. The berries were juicy and plump. Gorgeous to have as a morning snack and you can bet I was picking off every last crumb from the muffin pattie!

IMG_9716  IMG_9708

The lemon polenta cake definitely backs a punch in lemony flavour! The texture of the cake is quite dense but not hard. The drizzle of icing sugar adds a very rich sweetness to it. Because of the richness and sweetness it is just the right size.

The chocolates I selected are all highly recommended:

  • Raspberry – a dark, smooth and silky chocolate/cherry taste, which definitely reminded me of cherry ripe
  • Coconut white chocolate – the taste resembled Bounty or Golden Rough
  • Whiskey – this had the most robust flavour of the three we tried and was our favourite. Quite a strong and smooth alcohol hit, but didn’t have that harshness or bite to it. It definitely had the strongest flavour of the three, and you’d have to put a limit on how many of these you consume in one sitting. That little bow on top is certainly deceptive!

Catching up on some blogging homework

And let me not forget the coffee, courtesy of Morgan’s coffee – wow! I’m not a big fan of when my soy tastes straight up like soy (yes, bizarre), but this latte was so pleasant to drink – rich and smooth and just luscious. Now I understand why so maybe people were there just for the coffee.

IMG_9751  IMG_9750

On your way out you can also pick up some goodies to take home – tea, teacups, and more gorgeous varieties of chocolate.


Big Bear caught me daydreaming…about chocolate!

Boutique chocolate café. Artisan chocolate. The perfect weekend treat.


Unit 3, 84-90 Old Bathurst Road, Emu Heights, NSW, 2750

1300 965 656


Monday-Friday: 7.00am-5.00pm (drink service finishes at 4.00pm)

Saturday: 8.00am-12 noon (drink service finished at 12 noon)




4 thoughts on “Zokoko

    • Hehe! Ramen and burgers are still good too 😛 I know…amongst the sea of chocolates to choose from, that little yellow cake really stood out for me – delicious!

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