The Rocks Aroma Festival


Coffee, chocolate, tea and even a hot dog. This year’s Aroma Festival offered up some new as well as traditional delicacies and, for another year, got me out of bed early on a Sunday morning and into a sunny winter’s day in Sydney. Big Bear and I, for once, actually got there at a decent time, and by decent I mean before the festival ‘officially’ started at 10.00am. By that time, there were already queues of people waiting to get their morning hit of coffee and sweat dripping from barista’s faces trying to serve coffee after coffee to the growing masses. My recommendation is early is best. There is a considerable shift in attendees between the 9.45am and 10.00am gap, so visit the information tent and grab a brochure, get your bearings, and go!

IMG_0272  IMG_0270

But the day overall is pretty cool with heaps of stalls lined up along Circular Quay and The Rocks and a combination of Sydney-based retailers and those a little more regional like the Blue Mountains and Hunter Valley. Along with a smorgasbord of coffee and tea to choose from, you can also treat yourself to some gorgeous finds – cupcakes, brownies, choc pops, cakes, gingerbread, chocolate, baklava, cookies, muesli, churros, cannoli, and more. Walk a little deeper into The Rocks and you can also enjoy the tourist hot spot of the area – the weekend markets on every Saturday and Sunday from 10.00 until 5.00pm.


A bit of friendly latte art competition and still life coffee painting!

IMG_0268  IMG_0264

Big Bear was in search of some breakfast so, of course, had a hot dog by InterContinental Sydney!

IMG_0261  IMG_0260

Some of my favourites from the places I’ve travelled….Whisk & Pin gourmet goodies from the Blue Mountains (think muesli, pancake mix and cookies) and Hunter Valley Cookies (vintage style giant cookies in mega delicious flavours)

IMG_0322  IMG_0327


Cupcakes…cupcakes everywhere!! From The Cupcake Bakery and Sparkle Cupcakery

IMG_0317  IMG_0334

IMG_0319  IMG_0316

Spoils from the day that Big Bear and I indulged in:

  • Ricotta and chocolate cannoli ($4.50), along with a latte and soy latte by Danieli ($3.50 each)
  • Nutella filled doughnut by La Renaissance Patisserie ($4.00)
  • Baklava by The Baklava Stall ($5.00 for 2)

Spoils from the day….with an uber vintage scrap of something on the streets of The Rocks


IMG_0310  IMG_0306

Oh yes!!….nutella filled doughnut from La Renaissance Patisserie. I did expect the dough to be a little softer, however, and the doughnuts were coming out of a vacuum sealed plastic bag even though the shop is minutes up the road, but oh well, it’s nutella.


Gentlemen, I expect all barista’s to look like this and make me good coffee. Thanks.


Waiting for the baklava…


and getting the cannoli! The most delicious ricotta filling ever!!

Fabulous looking chocolate enrobed deliciousness from ChocolArts (choc pops in flavours like passionfruit, caramel, strawberry, pineapples and Bailey’s) and cool looking Argentinian things from AlfaChoc
IMG_0332  IMG_0329


La Toosh on wheels – capturing the essence of Parisian life


Tea. Coffee. Chocolate. Do I need to say more?

The Rocks Aroma Festival

Sunday 27th July 2014

10.00am – 5.00pm

George Street, The Rocks, NSW 2000




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