Amoretti’s in Abbotsbury. Again, the South-West is giving itself a little nudge in the cool culinary direction, and it’s only a 10 minute walk from Big Bear’s house. But despite this, we still decided to drive, mainly because we were headed for breakfast/brunch and service was gonna be over real soon (hey, it was Sunday, can’t blame the sleep in).

Located in Western Sydney Parklands, specifically Plough and Harrow Park, Amoretti’s has been there for a little while now (I used to jog around the area and has seen it transform quite a bit over time) and is also located in Chiswick if you’re ever in that area and want to pop in. Amoretti’s distinguishes itself as specialising in seafood, pizza and tapas, with a wine bar, and offers meals all through the day. Parking is plentiful – it has to cater for a popular and growing public park after all.

IMG_9460  IMG_9456


We walked in and were informed by the waitress that yes we had made it in the nick of time for breakfast (woo!). We decided to not book ahead and we were lucky that it wasn’t bursting at the seams when we got there. We were shown to a small two-seater table inside and provided with menus. Seating is mostly indoors, with an attached and enclosed alfresco area and an outdoor area with metallic seating.


If you know me by now, you know I love my muesli (had some delicious Farmer Joe muesli at Alby & Esther’s in Mudgee a little while ago), so alas, I chose the muesli with banana, strawberries and yoghurt off the menu. Big Bear is a tad more refined than me when it comes to breakfast, and had the eggs benedict consisting of poached eggs with hollandaise sauce and baby spinach on Amoretti’s freshly baked organic bread and choice of smoked salmon. For drinks, I had a soy cappuccino and Big Bear a full cream latte. It was a little bit of a wait on the coffee, but this was acknowledged by our really nice waitress.


Muesli ($10.50)

The muesli was a nice sizeable portion. I also got asked what type of milk I would like and chose soy. There must have been a bit of confusion in the delegation of tasks over milk served to customers because whilst I received a tiny jug of soy milk from the head waiter/possibly owner, a second later the waitress arrived with a large teapot of regular milk. So now I have two different types and sizes of milk (?) Oh well. More for me. Back onto the muesli…it had a lovely combination of oats, bran, sunflower seeds, pepitas, raisins, dried apple and craisins topped with strawberry yoghurt and slices of banana, strawberry and rockmelon. Yum, yum! Overall, great quantities of each element and quite a hearty muesli to satisfy my brunch needs.


Eggs Benedict ($19.00)

Big Bear enjoyed his eggs benedict too. He said the poached eggs were well cooked, the salmon was fresh and the just baked bread was lovely. He did, however, wish that there was a little more balsamic glaze and hollandaise sauce going on the plate. Portion size was decent too. The coffees were good and pretty standard when it comes to café coffee.


Afterwards, we went for a lovely walk around the parklands. Heaps of walking tracks and a recently renovated playground area, kinda overrun by small children, so there’s no chance of getting bored here. There are also very large sheltered picnic areas with BBQ facilities, which you can either hire for an event, or get there super early in the morning and snag.


Friendly and attentive staff. Dining in the park. Classic and comforting.


Located inside Plough & Harrow Park, Western Sydney Parklands

745-899 Elizabeth Drive, Cecil Hills, NSW, 2176

Breakfast: 8.00am – 11.00am (Saturday and Sunday only)

Lunch: 12.00pm – 3.00pm (Thursday to Sunday)

Dinner: 6.00pm – 10.00pm (Thursday to Sunday)

Bookings can be made on 0450 726 673 or (02) 8786 1777





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