Melbourne Sweet Treats

I went down to Melbourne recently and, as you do, ate my way across town. I thought I’d collate some photos of the many ‘sweet treats’ I enjoyed along the way and what I subsequently had to spend a solid two weeks at the gym burning off. It samples one of my all-time favourites as well as some new places I researched before the trip down. American Doughnut Kitchen First up, American Doughnut Kitchen. I can’t even recall how I stumbled upon this gem but it goes way back to one of our family holidays around a decade ago. Anyway, whenever I have journeyed to Melbourne I am a serious repeat customer here. Never has a doughnut been this good, and I’m actually glad I live 1,000km away just so I am not compelled to visit it every weekend. IMG_0511  IMG_0508 Situated in the Queen Victoria Markets since 1950, it operates out of a van selling only one thing – jam filled, sugar coated doughnuts. It’s a popular tourist destination and there is a constant line up outside the van, but don’t worry, the line moves fast. The doughnuts are made and baked inside the van using a ‘secret recipe’ and the smell is simply incredible. I’m pretty sure the price has fluctuated over time but I scored my bag of 5 for $6. I usually pause to have a smell inside the bag and let the world keep spinning while I am in my doughnut moment. Here’s the experience – crunchy, sugar crystallised doughnut exterior with a soft and fluffy interior and an oozing red jam centre. It’s simply incomparable to any doughnut I’ve had elsewhere. I’m fairly sure also that I overheard a customer say “no sugar or jam please” on their order and I quietly died on the inside…Ok so the doughnuts aren’t gluten free, contain animal products and yellow food colouring, and are fried in oil using animal fat, but heck, you’ve got to make compromises in life sometimes! IMG_0515IMG_0524 Website Facebook Merry Cupcakes As a bit of a complete contrast to the American Doughnut Kitchen are Merry Cupcakes. All their cupcakes are 100% vegan and contain no animal products. Even more tantalising is the fact that their cupcakes have on average 77% less saturated fat and 5.3% less sugar than your regular cupcakes. Some are gluten free as well. Merry Cupcakes loves to incorporate real, seasonal fruits and vegetables into the mix all the better to increase the fibre content of the cupcakes. IMG_0533IMG_0530 “We focus not only on the taste but also the nutritional content of our cupcakes. We make sure that when we create our recipes, we increase their nutritional goodness so that they are healthier than the average cupcakes of their corresponding flavours.” Their Facebook keeps you updated on all the flavours going for the day. Here’s a sample: Vanilla Ice, Beet It, Chocolado, Strawberry Fields Forever, Blondie, Passion Pit, Charlie Brown, Blueberry Pancake, and Carrot Top. Website Facebook Invita Living Food Situated in the Queen Victoria Markets, Invita Living Food offers super healthy food at reasonable prices. Pop in for breakfast or lunch and enjoy some award winning coffee, scrambled tofu or french toast for breakfast, hearty soup and salads, and round it off with a sweet treat – vegan muffins, carrot and olive oil cake, banana bread, cheesecake, or raw bliss balls. IMG_0572IMG_0569 I opted for a vegan lemon poppyseed cake this time round – light and fresh and poppyseedy. I don’t get people who don’t like poppyseeds with the ‘but they get stuck in my teeth’ argument. Lemon and poppyseed or orange and poppyseed is the absolute best, and the frosting is always amazing. This place is highly recommended if you are looking for something fresh, filling, wholesome and cruelty-free around the markets. Seating is provided (though it sometimes might be tricky to snag a table with the crowds) but it’s comfy and enclosed. Website


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