Silo Bakery, Canberra


Crazy delicious looking tarts

I think Silo Bakery is one of the café/bakery/eating spots to hit up while you’re in Canberra. It’s established quite a reputation for being a baked goods heaven of sorts (breads, tarts, exotic breakfasts and lunches….) and I kinda wish we had a place this fabulous in Sydney. One morning Big Bear and I decided to visit for breakfast. We arrived around 8am on a Saturday morning and it was pretty busy and were lucky to snag a table! (Unfortunately reservations aren’t taken for breakfast so you just gotta show up early okay). The staff are super nice and usher things along quite quickly (I’m guessing cause the place is so packed and they don’t want you loitering). But it’s more nice than overbearing/annoying – I don’t mind being asked a few times if I have received the menu or made my order – makes me feel attended to.

If you browse through their menu online you’ll see some wonderful breakfast selections to choose from:

  • Vegan breakfast (very impressed to see this!) with nut flatbread, tomato, rocket, avocado and cashew hummus
  • Eggs Florentine – poached eggs on grilled crostini with spinach, parmesan and olive oil

And a few items I have never heard of on a breakfast menu (some Googling is in order):

  • Welsh rarebit, egg, bacon and spinach
  • Piperade with chorizo
  • Fried milk with strawberries and candied orange

The prices are reasonable as well. Not uber bargain cheap buy the quality is definitely there.

I had the bircher muesli with pear juice, almond milk and blueberries, as well as an orange juice. Big Bear had the ham and cheese croissant (from that exotic looking menu you choose the ham and cheese croissant??) and a latte.


Bircher muesli with pear juice, almond milk and blueberries ($9.00)


The bircher is simply fabulous. Such a beautiful medley of ingredients when mixed and wasn’t too dry or too wet. I could have only wished for the portion size to be a tad larger. The orange juice was sublime – very sweet and refreshing.

Big Bear enjoyed his house made croissant as well, and the latte is knock out. I was tossing up whether to get one on my way out and sadly didn’t – regret! Anyway, I will definitely say that this was a lovely latte, and quite often it’s so hard to get a nice one. According to their website, all bread, pastries and jams are made on site which is such a treat and you can see the bakers hard at work making all of the breads, pastries and tarts.


Ham and cheese croissant ($8.00)


On your way out you can pick up some bread – walnut sourdough, walnut and cranberry, baguettes – or a delicious tart or pastry – vanilla brulee, pear and caramel, chocolate and chestnut, passionfruit and mascarpone…and many more flavours.


Delicious baked goods a-baking


Looking pretty darn happy with my orange and pistachio snail!

Divine pastries, breads and coffee. Canberra’s tucked away treasure of baked goodies.

Silo Bakery, Canberra

36 Giles Street, Kingston ACT 2604

(02) 6260 6060

Tuesday – Saturday: 7am to 4pm

Bookings advisable. Bookings not taken for breakfast.



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