Hello! My name is Mihajla, a twenty-something year old Sydney-based working girl.

Macarons. Mug Stains. Michelangelo. showcases all aspects of life, culture and good food that I am completely obsessed about. While during the day I work full-time in the area of industrial relations, helping everyday Australians in their working lives, by night and the weekends away from the desk you can find me tuning into a new local band, ‘post-it-ing’ recipes in cookbooks to try out or purchasing a fancy tea and nibbling on a croissant at a food market.

This space embraces my three favourite loves:

  • Baking & Cooking – storming it up in the kitchen – fresh bread, smoothies, cakes…you name it!
  • Foodie Travels – spending my (hard earned!) cash on eating everywhere and sampling everything
  • Culture – enjoying everything else life has to offer – music in all its forms, yarning about a novel and indulging in the pleasures of art

It emerged after a pretty steady realisation that everything I posted on social media spaces was basically a selfie with an [insert delicious food/drink item e.g. quinoa salad, latte, cocktail, cheesy garlic bread, ultimate Zumbo brownie etc etc], but with no real way to explore these experiences and share my stories.

I hope you can journey into a world that captures all this and more while learning a cooking tip or two, capturing the latest in art, reading a review on a delectable café or restaurant, experiencing the thrill of discovering a new artist, or reflecting on the joy of an old and well-worn classic novel.

If you spot Big Bear along your readings that’s my gorgeous partner of nearly 6 years. He usually accompanies me on my travels and gives a review of what he’s seen/explored/eaten.

Enjoy! xx



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